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We specialize in a variety of documents for USCIS, criminal and civil law, including certifications of accuracy. Our network of translators can work with any language and terminology that applies to your document–contact us.

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Focused On Accuracy

Accuracy is critical in legal translations. Ensuring concepts and terms make sense in the other language requires experienced native speakers and students of law.

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What Is Legal Translation?

Because world government have different legal systems, translating documents from one language to another requires functional equivalence. Literal translations frequently don’t work and the country’s established terminology for legal concepts must be included to produce an accurate translation.

We work with a network of vetted interpreters and translators who are members of the American Translators Association, The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters, and hundreds of local professional organizations.

A Few of our popular services

Text Message Translation
Translation emojis and broken speech is critical to success in civil cases such as divorce and custody.
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Sworn Affidavits
Get your documents admitted into evidence by getting a certified translation of testimony
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Marketing Translation Services
Get your social media and marketing materials into the hands of a new market by translating into another language
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Legal Document Translation For Any Language

Legal document translation requires a high level of legal knowledge from translators and interpreters who are native speakers.

If you have documents from Mexico, such as real estate documents, you would need to have those documents take into account the functionally equivalent language for US courts. Other countries in Asia and the Middle East have entirely different legal systems from Western countries.
We connect you with translators who are certified in legal translation to get your documents into the target language, including passports, birth certificates and driver's licenses.

There are many knock-off businesses promising great translation for cheap rates. Connecting with trustworthy, vetted interpreters who have an established professional standing is essential to having your day in court.

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