Terms & Conditions

General Terms

  • 2 hour minimum required for all requests (see 24-hour cancellation policy below)
  • Mileage (0.535 / mile) billed for jobs outside of Austin
  • Prices are approximate and not limited to the following for Spanish-English:
    • civil (~$75 / hr)
    • criminal (~$65 / hr)
    • depositions (~$110 / hr)*
    • 3rd party hires or agencies (~$75 – $100 / hr)
    • medical (~$60 / hr)

Depositions (effective 2017)

  • Depositions beginning at 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM – $85 / hr
  • Depositions beginning at or after 10:00 AM – $110 / hr

Same-day service requests (less than 8 hours notice)

  • $35 rush-service fee for depositions and court appearances

Requesting Service

  • Formal requests for service must be made through email
  • Please include:
    • time, date, and address of the service location
    • party names or the style (depositions)
    • payer name, email, address, and telephone number

24-hour Cancellation Policy

  • I bill a 2-hour minimum for cancellations occurring less than 24-hours before the booking (please read on!)
  • Chances are I will be sitting at the coffee shop if you have to cancel less than 24-hours
  • Chances are I have turned down other jobs (maybe even lucrative ones) to keep my booking with you
  • I know you  make every effort possible to avoid cancellations and sometimes it is beyond your  control
  • I promise will not demand payment but humbly request your participation in keeping my business open
  • I promise if you become a regular client I will make every effort to give back time at future settings

Thank you!