Reverso Context App

Conference Interpreter in Austin Texas
Over the last few years the field of digital translation has soared. Before that–even just a few short years ago– translation technology was expensive—and definitely not available on any smart phone. Machine Translation was limited to web pages like Google Translate or translation memory software. The most useful translation app in my interpreters tool kit is the Reverso Context App for Android and iPhone

It is the next generation of what’s to come for translation apps. The Reverso Context App has many strengths. But the text highlighting and phrasebook make it an ideal tool for interpreters on the move. The examples come from huge collections of text from medicine, science, legal, and technology. So, it does not just translate what you type. It shows you examples in the target language text. It’s surprising the words I’ve managed to dig up.

Layout. So, as with any app layout is important. For me, having my previous searches available is really important. For $3 you can buy the premium annual membership. It includes a phrasebook of 500 previous searches. When I am learning a new set of words for a case or conference I like to be able to quickly refer back.  That’s very useful in a conference. As a bonus you can click on the phrasebook icon and share phrases via text or email. Another plus where there is more than one interpreter.

The overall design of the app is utilitarian. It is strictly geared to providing you with functionality. So don’t expect a lot of snazzy graphics. The app rarely crashes and it spits our results lightning fast. I’d like to see an offline version at some point. If you are in the basement of a court house you won’t have an internet connection. Where will you be then? Check it out and let me know what you think!