Certified Spanish and English Interpreting Services in Austin Texas

Providing great interpreting services requires going far beyond understanding languages. In order to successfully communicate a message an interpreter must consider tone, body language, cultural differences and every other element of communication. The ideal interpreter is well equipped with language and communication skills and also has background experience with their client’s culture. Our lead interpreter, Seth Hammock, is the ideal interpreter.

Seth is well equipped with flawless communication skills, fluent Spanish and English speaking skills, and last but not least he has spent nearly 5 years living in South America learning much about his client’s cultures. He understands cultural differences and language exceptions so that he is able to clearly interpret Spanish and English messages across to clients.

For professional high quality interpreting services, you can count on Lone Star Interpreting. We offer services for clients in a variety of situations including medical, legal, business, and more. To learn more about our interpreting services, click on the links below:

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