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Need a Certified Medical Interpreter?

Are you in a medical situation with language barriers and searching for reputable medical interpreting companies to help? A certified medical interpreter, with experience interpreting Spanish and English for doctors and patients, can make your medical situation or procedure much smoother and more successful. At Lone Star Interpreting, a reputable medical interpreting agency, you will be receiving professional medical interpreting services from our certified medical interpreter Seth Hammock who has years of experience helping patients and doctors communicate.

Certified Medical Interpreter Seth Hammock in Austin Texas

Overview of Medical Interpreting

Medical interpreters serve as translators between doctors and their patients to overcome language barriers. Also known as healthcare interpreters, medical interpreters offer a lot of value to hospitals, doctor’s offices, health clinics, and physicians. Using a medical interpreter offers physicians the ability to attract and serve a broader base of patients which otherwise would be inaccessible. More importantly, the use of a medical interpreter can decrease both risk and malpractice liability for a physician. Because reducing language barriers decreases the chances for medical mistakes to occur.

While a medical interpreter may in some cases assist the physician or nurse in the same ways that a medical assistant would, by doing such things as taking vital signs or updating patient records, the main focus of the medical interpreter is communication. Medical interpreters are most always present in the exam room with the doctor and patient.

A medical interpreter must:

  • discuss personal and or sensitive issues in a comfortable manner
  • have a good understanding of and ability to present technical or scientific information
  • aid the physician in understanding patient history, physical information, symptoms, and the reason for the medical visit
  • clearly translate questions from the physician as well as answers from the patient

What is the hourly rate for medical interpreters?

Most certified medical interpreter hourly rates do not vary much, ours are consistent case to case and we charge hourly as follows:

  • Spanish medical interpreter hourly rate: $80 dollars per hour with a two hour minimum. Travel rates apply.

Call us to learn how onsite medical interpreting services can improve your medical practice and grow your business, 512-460-9103!

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