Certified English and Spanish Court Interpreter in Austin Texas

Certified Court Interpreter in Austin

An Experienced Court Interpreter is Critical

If you are in a legal situation and require a court interpreter then clear interpreting of your message is critical. The information and message that you share in a courtroom must be interpreted clearly and properly to avoid misunderstandings and ultimately a flawed legal decision. You already have enough concerns as you make your testimony in court so make sure that you aren’t also concerned that your message isn’t being properly interpreted by your court interpreter. Whether in a court hearing or a meeting with your attorney hiring a certified court interpreter to offer legal interpreting services can drastically help your legal situation.

Professionally Certified Court Interpreters

A professionally certified court interpreter must pass written and oral examinations. Additionally, simultaneous interpreting tests are administered to ensure that the interpreter can clearly interpret messages on the fly, known as simultaneous interpreting. Although an interpreter must be certified to assist you in the courtroom, this doesn’t always mean that they are the best interpreter for your situation.

In addition to making sure an interpreter is a certified court interpreter, you should have some conversation with your interpreter until you feel comfortable that you both communicate well with each other, before hiring them. Any interpreter that you hire should be able to understand cultural differences and language nuances in order to clearly communicate your tone and message during your court testimony or meeting with your attorney. If you and the court interpreter don’t communicate well in conversation together, then surely it will be tough for them to interpret for you on the fly in front of an audience.

Certified Court Interpreter Seth Hammock in Austin TexasOur Court Interpreter’s Experience

Finding a good certified court interpreter in Texas isn’t easy. Seth Hammock has much experience as a court interpreter for state and civil cases. Below are some of the types of court interpreting services that Seth has offered:

  • Immigration hearings
  • Divorce disputes
  • Depositions in civil cases
  • Basic criminal matters

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